June 1, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday- Playing Dress Up

     Some women tend to neglect the way they dress.  You can see it every day, people who do not know how to coordinate their style.  If you are looking at your wardrobe right now and you think you may need an update, do it!  I know this task can become overwhelming so start small.  Start with one item(s), a clothing staple like the dress.  In the world of fashion there are a number of different types of dresses.  Each type of dress is worn to suit a different type of occasion.  Depending on the event that a woman would attend, she may wear a variety of styles of dress.  To aid you in your pursuit of a fashion update to your wardrobe I have compiled a list of seven dresses that I feel every woman should have in their wardrobe.

2)      The Interview dress-aka-The Knee Length Tailored Dress:  You should have a few of these in your closet.  When picking a style take a tip from Kate Middleton. She has many tailored dresses and she always looks classy and well put together.  This dress will make a professional statement with a hint of femininity.  Try earth tones and muted colors.  Punch it up with a colorful accent purse or vibrant heels.

3)      The Little White Dress:  Great for spring and winter.  Think of this as the new white T-shirt, a wardrobe basic that is an instant complexion brightening pick me up.

4)      The Little Black Dress:  A foolproof flattering color.  Take a tip from Robert Palmer and wear it with a sexy heel and red lips. Irresistible!

5)      Floral Dress:  A knee length floral dress will wear well at a BBQ, garden party, summer wedding, or summer evening event. 

6)      Floor Length Cocktail Dress.  Choose a simple floor length dress in a bold color or print that looks great with jewels and heels and can be dressed down for a low key date night by wearing flat sandals and a casual hand bag.

7)      Party Dress:  Every girl needs a great party frock they can just slip on, zip up and go.  Look for a mix of trendy and classic for a longer shelf life-like embellished necklines or retro color blocking.  This dress should accentuate your best feature, so if you have great legs become a bright and bold glamour girl in a colorful mini dress.

Bottom Line:  It’s nice to be ready at all times and a woman can never go wrong as long as she is fashionably prepared for every occasion.

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