June 5, 2012

Miss Maynard Moseys Through the Moon Gate and her Men get Misty Eyed

 It is week four and our bachelorette is excited to begin her world tour.   The show opens with Chris Harrison gathering the men and telling them Emily has already left North Carolina and they need to pack their bags to join her in Bermuda.  Meanwhile over in Bermuda Emily is with Ricki doing family vacation things like flying kites and writing your name in the sand on the beach.  Emily says she can't wait to return to Bermuda one day with her husband and possibly a new baby in tow.  Flash back to the hotel where the men finally arrive.  The first date card shows up and Arie begins to read it to the group, " Doug, let your senses lead the way." The men are clearly upset that Doug got the one-on-one.  Oh well let the fun begin.

Date 1:  Exploring St. George with the "Old Man"

Emily and Doug

Emily and Doug

Emily arrives to pick up Doug for his one-on-one and she can't help but notice how tense things are among the guys.  Emily and Doug head out to St. George where they do tourist stuff like shopping(they both pick out a glass figurine for their children) and looking at souvenirs.  They walk around town and eat food from the street vendors.  They decide to sit and relax and while they are talking Doug tells Emily he has started a charity to show his son one man can change the world.  Then he tells her why the men were so awkward when she picked him up and she is impressed Doug feels comfortable enough to tell her.  Next they write a note to Doug's son.  It was really sweet.  They begin to walk back to get ready for dinner on the way they walk through a moon gate and make a wish.  Her wish?  She won't be single forever.  Emily and Doug sit down for dinner.  She is worried he is hiding something because he seems way to perfect, just like Brad did.  She asks Doug what his last girlfriend would have complained about and then tells him ok I will go first.  "I spend too much time with my kid, and don't wash the car enough."  "I spend all day in my PJs."  Doug says those are not flaws and feels this exercise is stupid, but he wants to marry her.  Emily then feels bad for putting him on the spot and questioning his perfection.  She decides to give him the rose. 

Date 2:  Come Sail Away

Emily waiting to give the winners their prize

Emily ready to start the race

Emily,Jef, Kalon, Ryan, and Arie
Emily divided the boys into two teams, the yellow team ( Jeff, Kalon, Arie, and Ryan) and the red team (Charlie, Sean, Travis, and Chris).  The yellow team wins  the group date and celebrates with champagne while the red team holds back their tears and head back to the hotel.  Emily has drinks with the red team.  In true Ryan style he makes himself look like an ass yet again by calling Emily a trophy wife.  Arie gets in a kiss when they are alone.  Jef gets alone time on the beach and is still to nervous to kiss Emily, however he is doing something right as he gets the group date rose.

Date 3: 

Emil, John, and Nate

John and Nate
Emily is not too thrilled about the whole idea of having a two-on-one date with Nate and John.  On their date, Emily, Nate, and John go cliff diving.  Then they have dinner together and it is very awkward.  One, because it's a dark cave and two, because its an itty bitty table with no elbow room.  They are so nervous they decide not to eat.  Emily takes each of them aside for a little one-on-one time.  First is Nate who admits he was bummed when he found out he got the two-on-one date.  She asks him what he wants her to know about him and he jumps to family.  He tells her all about his family and friends and how he wants that for himself.  Next up is John who tells her he would rather be on this two-on-one date than a group date. Score for John because Emily likes this statement.  John continues by telling Emily he knows he has not shown her a lot about who he is and she interjects by telling him she likes that about him.  Now back to the awkward and uncomfortable itty bitty table. After the agonizing date Emily decides to give the rose to John and tells Nate she does not see them together for the long run.

Emily and Arie

Emily and Jef

Emily, Arie, and Jef

All the dates are over and Emily takes time to spend with her daughter. Back at the hotel, Alejandro begs for another rose.  Some of the men think Ryan should go home and while Ryan and Emily are spending time together, Arie cuts in because he feels the need to protect her from Ryan.  Doug and Ryan have a strange  conversation about how they agree kissing Emily does not prove anything.  No one likes Ryan.  Next, Emily goes off with overly intensive Chris.  Chris whines about how the other guys bug him about being 25 years old and not ready for marriage and kids.  After his time with Emily, Chris confronts Doug who was the one who mentioned his age and not being ready for marriage and kids.  Doug pretends not to know where Chris is coming from.  Chris is certain Doug's over the top humble act means he is hiding something.  I agree, everyone has flaws I wonder what his are? 

Emily and Ryan

Chris Harrison interjects and tells Emily it is time for the rose ceremony.  Emily looks at all her men and thanks them for everything thus far.  Doug, Jef, and John already have a rose, so they are safe this week.  Emily begins to hand out the rest, and the roses go to:  Sean (yay, he is great eye candy), Arie ( he is yummy too and perfect for her), Chris (Ugh...), Ryan (Why?), Kalon (Really Emily?), and Alejandro (I hope we get to know a little more about him).   This leaves Michael and Charlie sent packing.

This episode was so full of drama as usual, but is it just me or was there a record number of crying men last night.  Nate sobbed about his friends and family in a cave.  Charlie wept in a van after loosing the race and again in the rain after loosing a chance at Emily's hand in marriage.  Jef had a reason to cry after almost loosing his finger in the regatta race.  Lastly, Michael the headband boy (by the look on his face even he seems to be regretting this look) got all teary eyed outside in the rain during his rejection speech. 

What do you think of this episode?  Do you agree with Emily's decisions? I want to hear from you!

Tune in next week when they all go to London.  Jef finally gets a one-on-one and so does Sean.  They do some Shakespeare and someone calls Ricki Baggage.  Ooh I can't wait as Emily tells him to "get the f*&%# out."  I think it's Kalon.  Let the drama continue.

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