June 12, 2012

Just Another Manic Maynard

Warning.  Spoiler Alert!  If you have not seen last nights episode (#5)  of the bachlorette do not read any further.

Last night Emily Maynard headed to London with her daughter, Ricki, and the remaining 10 bachelor's.  The show opens with Chris talking to the remaining ten guys about Emily's journey finding her husband.  He tells them there will be a group data and two one-on-ones before dismissing them to the My Fair hotel where they are staying in an amazing suite.  The date card is there and it reads "love takes no prisoners."  Sean is the first guy selected for a one-on-one. While Sean gets ready Kalon whines, what else is new?
Sean and Emily head out on their date.  The couple tour London on a double Decker bus and go sight seeing. Meanwhile back at the hotel Kalon makes a comment to Jef about the fact Jef will always be on a group date with Emily and Ricki, and that Ricki is baggage, taking Jef aback a little.  Back on the date Emily and Sean are sitting on the river bank discussing the last time Sean went on a date. It was 4 months ago and it did not go well as Sean knew right off the bat she was not the right woman for him.  Emily seems to really enjoy Sean and wants to spend more time with him.  The pair then arrive at the speakers corner where Sean gets on a soapbox and talks about love before they head to dinner at the tower of London where he receives a rose.

It's time for the group date.  The group date card reads "A rose by another name would smell as sweet"  meaning they will be doing something that has to do with Shakespeare.  The names are read off-Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, John, and Kalon.  That means the second one-on-one goes to Jef.  The group date is located where William Shakespeare was born, Stratford-upon-Avon.  They will be performing Romeo and Juliet, Arie gets to play a woman and Ryan gets to play Romeo.  Ryan gets a kiss from Emily and the men head to a pub.  Ryan takes Emily aside and gives her a necklace. She loves it. 

Next up Doug takes the "baggage" comment personal because he has a kid himself, and feels he has to tell Emily what Kalon said.  Kalon gets put on the spot in front of everyone when Emily asks him to explain himself.  She asks him if there is anything he can say that can make up for or prove he didn't say "baggage".  He teels Emily he did say it but he didn't mean it and the comment was taken out of context.  She is livid and tells Kalon to get *&^% out.  She goes back to the man and tells them how disappointed she is in them for not telling her sooner.  She tells the men she is not going to hand out a rose on the group date and she is going to go home to her little girl. 

It is time for Emily's date with Jef.  Jef and Emily have afternoon tea at the Chiswick House and get a lesson in ettiquette from Jean.  After tea the couple takes off to a pub..  Jef brings up the subjct of Kalon and tells Emily that he was there when Kalon called Ricki baggage, Jef says if Ricki is baggage then she is a chloe handbag.  Emily loves this.  Next up they head to the London eye for dinner, where she confides in Jef that Kalon broke her confidence.  She tells him he always makes her feel special and the two share there first kiss. YAY!

Time for the cocktail party.  Emily confronts all the guys and says she hopes they do not share Kalon's views.  She puts the guys on the spot and they all seem flustered expect for Ryan who is cool and calm and woos Emily away.  She says she is liking him more and more. 

Rose Ceremony and the nine remaining guys are:

Alejandro-24, Arie-30, Chris-25, Doug-33, Jef-27, John-30,Ryan-31, Sean-28, Travis-30

Everyone but Alejandro gets a rose. 
Tune in next week for a full recap of the Bachlorette Episode 6 when the crew heads to Croatia!

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