May 26, 2012


My new favorite video on you tube is cookie the penguin. In this adorable video, "Cookie" the penguin gets tickled at the Cincinnati Zoo. Cookie is a Little Penguin (the smallest species of penguin), and is reportedly the mascot of the Zoo Bird House.  These little penguins are native to Australia and New Zealand.
Patricia Sund filmed the video while working at the zoo as a guest keeper. 
The tickling starts about one minute into the video

This next video is a story all about Cookie the Penguin from Channel 4 news:

In a section of this video Cookie and his companion are taking  dip in their pool on the loading dock of the bird house. Because of Cookie’s bumble foot (he gets his sock changed daily) he can’t be in water constantly, but he does need baths, so this is how the bird house handles it. You might be thinking to yourself, what is a bumblefoot? Bumblefoot (Pododermatitis) is a common affliction of captive birds. It is the inflammatory or degenerative condition of the weight-bearing surface of the foot. Bumblefoot occurs in all species of birds. However, it is primarily a problem of captive birds. Obese and inactive birds are particularly prone to developing bumblefoot. Pet birds typically get bumblefoot because there is an underlying problem with some aspect of their husbandry. It is necessary to identify and correct the underlying problem in order to prevent the problem from recurring.


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